For Saturday


For Saturday

**This is not meant to come out bossy LOL, but keep reading, who knows where it will go:)

Our event will begin at 7am. We will be rowing until 3pm and you can break it up anyway your team will like. Find out from your teammates what the best time for them to row is and set your schedule accordingly. (That was my best MOM tone – you are all adults and can figure this out:))

Please make sure you bring your own food, there will not be food on site besides RX bars and almond packs. If you plan on Door Dashing, the address is 1872 Ackley Circle. They don’t love coming out to a warehouse on the weekend, but they will:)

As always – looking for music suggestions. Please text your favorite workout songs to 209-345-4380.

Massage & Bodywork Education Center will be onsite for free massages throughout the day! They have attended many of our events and are truly talented.

Things to bring: any food/drink to fuel your rowers physique, cash to tip your masseuse and buy raffle tickets, anything that is fun and full of spirit – costume, accessories, etc.

Checks can be made out to CHS with Oakdale Family Resource and Counseling Center in the memo line. Let your pledge people know that.

You can collect pledge money after the event, but please bring in your pledge sheets so we can see which team collected the most money. You can download them at HERE.

T-shirts will be delivered after the event. If you need to change sizes, let me know ASAP.

Each rowing machine will have sanitizer and paper towels in order to wipe down in between rowers. There will also be a station log clipboard to mark down how many meters each person rowed. Your team will be in charge of that. You will need to know to go back to your pledge people and tell them how many meters you rowed.

Any questions- call or text me at 209-345-4380. I am very excited to help out our community and spend the day with some amazing people.

Brooke’s Team -unless they come up with a better name:)World’s Okayest RowersMastersDPCThe Yanks
BrookeSarahJuneAustin DHeather
MichaelDianeGloriaAustin TBlane
Justin P.TimWendyVictoriaAbena
ScottBrianJoeMaeganJacob C.
BradRyan Jones

Workout of the Day

“Nasty Young Ladies” (please be aware this is an offshoot of the WOD Nasty Girls)

50 PVC Overhead Squat
10 Hang Power Clean 155/100
7 Bar Muscle Ups