For Eva T


For Eva T

On Saturday, at 10am, we will perform the CrossFit benchmark, Eva. Eva Twardokens recently sustained serious injuries following a plane crash on California’s Central Coast. There will ONLY be a 10am class.

As a true renaissance woman and Santa Cruz resident, Eva T. was one of the original CrossFit fire breathers. She started CrossFit in the early 2000s after ending her Olympic skiing career. With that a background, she was a perfect crash test dummy for Greg Glassman. Eva T provided statistical data of what an elite athlete looked like, and how they could be pushed.

Eva T appeared in a ton CrossFit media in the early to mid 2000’s. She was beautiful, she was fit, she was mentally tough. She attacked workouts with athleticism and grit. She was one of 3 athletes in what was probably CrossFit’s first viral video, Nasty Girls.

As CrossFit grew, Eva T was on the Level 1 staff, opened gyms, became a National Champion masters weightlifter, and became a pilot of acrobatic airplanes.

Eva T said her favorite workout was “Helen,” so when Coach made a workout for Eva, it was Helen on steroids. We will perform Eva at 10a on Saturday. Check out Eva T’s fundraiser page.

Workout of the Day

EMOM 20 AlternatingWork 30, Rest 30

Minute 1 – Bar Muscle Up or Sub

Minute 2 – Clean and Jerk 135/95

Score is total number of reps