Focus on the Snatch


Focus on the Snatch

So we’re focusing on the Snatch – that is going to mean skill transfer exercises.  The first one we will use, price and one that I believe will be of great benefit to many of you, this web is the Snatch Balance.

Review the video of Coach Burgener and his daughter Sage from their garage.  I love these videos, website like this as they have been around for years, well before CrossFit blew up.  I would watch the over and over again, at a time when I truly did not understand the nuances of the lifts.  I remember watching videos of different lifts, and not being able to identify what the difference between a power and squat, or full version, of a lift was.

The Snatch Balance will be good for many types of lifters.  It will develop confidence to get under the bar, or if you land with soft elbows, it will fix that problem.

But, here’s the rub – CHECK YOUR EGO!  This lift will be of no benefit to you if you press it out or miss full depth.  Better to do it mechanically perfect at a lighter weigh, hitting all the positions perfectly, than muscling through ugly lifts.

Notice how Coach B makes Sage hold the bottom of the OHS position?  Try to do the same.  Be comfortable and patient in the hole and you will develop a great overhead position.



Workout of the Day


Snatch Balance

Build to a Heavy Single in 20 minutes



Overhead Squat 95/65

Toe to Bar