Fish Oil Options


Fish Oil Options

Coromega.  We talk about Omega-3 a lot at CFO.  A good travel option for an Omega 3 supplement is pretty tough to find: you either end up lugging around high quality fish oil, information pills or you have to buy low quality pills.  I always opt for the high quality stuff, so I end up carrying a cooler to keep my fish oil cool.  As awesome as that sounds, Coromega has provided a better way for high quality fish oil.
Coromega is basically a high quality fish oil in, for lack of a better term, a ketchup packet.  I haven’t tried it yet, but Adele has, and she liked it.  I treat this as an emergency/travel option; I would still keep a bottled, high quality fish oil in the fridge for my normal consumption.
Coromega is sold at Sunflower.  Here is a $5 coupon offered on their website.
We will soon be carrying the Stronger Faster Healthier Brand of Fish Oil. I am ordering Lemon and Mint. If you are interested in Vanilla, Chocolate or Tangerine, let me know. They will be $34.99 +tax for a 6oz bottle. You only need a teaspoon of this, so a little goes a long way.

If you won’t be cheering on athletes down in Fresno this Saturday, don’t forget you can bring a friend! 

Workout of the Day

Build to a heavy single in 15 minutes.
Advanced athletes: Build to a heavy single in 10 minutes, find a challenging weight, and perform one snatch on the minute for 5 minutes.
7 Overhead Squats 115/75
35 Double Unders
If you don’t have DU, do forward for backwards, 1 for 1.  Just mark what you did on the board. There will be “$-out”.