Eyes on the Open


Eyes on the Open

CrossFit Oakdale has some athletes signed up for the CrossFit Open! This fires me up and I can’t wait for the event to kick off in less than 3 weeks. Remember, story to compete, and to stay in the competition, you will need to complete each WOD as prescribed (RX). You will receive a score even if you do one rep, but you’ll need to get that first rep.
I can’t predict what the WODs will be, but some movements people ran into trouble with last year: doubleunders (11.1), hand release pushups (11.2) heavy overhead squats (11.4), toes to bar (11.5) and chest to bar pull-ups (11.6). I can’t guarantee it, but it’s pretty safe to assume we’ll see these movements again. Why do people struggle with these movements? Because they’re HARD! Because they’re hard, they make a really nice way to separate the pretty good from the great. If you think of the CrossFit Open as a test, it’s a pretty hard test to cram for. But now is your chance, and you have 3 weeks. I’ve been programming a lot of pull-ups lately to get us ready. Work these movements, or other movements you identify as a weakness, into your pre-WOD regimen, and work then after WODs.
BMB (Big Man Bob) singed up for the Games and wrote down last year’s WODs. BMB had them in the gym last night, identifying tough movements and weights. Studying for the test! I love it!
We will be having a Seminar next week: Tuesday at 6:30pm. It is called Eyes on the Open. We will be talking about goal setting and tactics for getting through competitions. Please RSVP Here. This seminar is free for the Athletes of CrossFit Oakdale, $10 for non members. Classes will be held at 4:30pm and 5:30pm this day. There is also a Foundational Movement Seminar at 4pm.

Warren didn’t know what his Dead Lift 1Rep Max was. So we found out. This was taken in the middle of his lifting session. He hit 400#. Now he knows.¬†

Workout of the Day


We will be Pressing, Squatting and doing some core work.



Row 500m

use rest of time for double unders



Run 400m

Use rest of time for Ground to Overhead 115/75