Next week is CRAAAZY busy so we thought we would give you a heads up so you can plan your week….you know… because it revolves around CFO, mind right? 

Tuesday August 26 – 7:30pm

CFO’s Whole30 Challenge Meeting Let’s take 30 days to not cheat, check eat real food and curb our cravings for sugar, clinic fat and salt. We can do this together. Come join Alison to learn more on the Whole30 challenge and how we will be working together to get set on the path to wellness and decreased inflammation.
This session is free. The challenge will be:
$25 for current CFO Athletes (monthly membership)
$50 for challenge only
$140 for challenge and 30 days of CrossFit Oakdale

Wednesday August 27th – 8pm

Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy Over 35 and feeling a bit funky? Come join us to learn more about how women’s hormones work at different stage of life. 
This seminar is hosted by Pacific Compounding Pharmacy with Clinical Pharmacist Marie Cottman, Pharm.D
This session is free and very informative. 
It will be on a Wednesday night, August 27th at 8pm. Seating is limited,but I am looking to get an idea of how many would be interested. Please feel free to spread to word and bring a friend. Let me know if you are bringing someone.

Thursday August 28th 6:30pm Open Gym

Join us for some extra skill work on handstand pushups and handstand walking.





Workout of the Day


3 Power Cleans OTM for 10

Add 5# to last weeks lift


Handstand Walk

Perform as many Handstand Walks from one short side of the matted area to the other in 7 minutes

3 Rounds, for number of sit-ups

1 minute Plank

1 minute as many abmat sit-ups as possible

Rest 1 minute