Registration for "Hewell" is Open & Advice on "Cindy"


Registration for "Hewell" is Open & Advice on "Cindy"

**** Registration is now available for the Fundraiser in support of the family of Stockton Police Department Officer Scott Hewell. $20 donation for the event. ****


Cindy – perhaps the most simple, pills elegant test of fitness in CrossFit.  Pull, website like this Push, nurse Squat. 5, 10, 15, 20.  The more fit you are the harder it gets.

If you are doing Cindy, and you think you are going to crush it, please, do some hand maintenance today.  Shave your calluses the night before the WOD, and if you have a tape plan, be ready to use it.  If you think you may get 15 plus rounds, tape may be a good idea.  Even if you use it early, then rip it off in later rounds, it may provide a protective layer early than can be removed as it starts to bunch up.

I recommend setting up a “work space.”  Pullup bar, chalk, a towel, something to count with, an ability to look at the clock.  I’m running out of things you will need.

A dry erase board with a line (or lines) that you draw your finger through may be the easiest way to count rounds, as using 20 plus chips gets inefficient.  You can say a chip counts for 2 rounds, or even 4, or start using chips when you hit 10 rounds.  But you run the risk, if you can really call it that, of losing count.

As far a as a towel, I think it;s more important to keep your hands dry than completely chalked.  Keep the sweat out of your hands and keep them dry. Sweat, plus lots of chalk equals paste.


Stockton Police Department Officer Scott Hewell lost his life on 6/11/2014. Please join us on September 13th for a fundraiser to support his family. Click on the picture to the right of this blog post to register for this event.

Workout of the Day



5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Squats