Elizabethan Lessons


Elizabethan Lessons

I started CrossFit in July, pills 2006.  I did the WOD from CrossFit.com everyday in a gym in Brooklyn, doctor NY at 6am.  I did a warmup, loaded the bar, did the WOD and went home.  I would like to say I understood intensity 100% from the beginning, but that wasn’t entirely true.  Still, over the course of a year, I turned from a fat, kinda strong guy to a fit, pretty strong guy.  I was hooked.  I more about CrossFit and intensity hoverthe course of a year, by reading articles on CrossFit Journal and surfing the Message Board, which I’m sure no one goes to anymore.  I was literally the only person I knew that did CrossFit for at least 6 months.

In August 2007, I was still scaling WODs, and then I decided to only RX, no matter my time or score.  That night, Elizabeth came up, with the video that I’ve attached.  Videos were rare in 2007, but they not only demonstrated the WOD, but explained the methodology as well.  Greg A was my rabbit, and he does Elizabeth, with Squat Clean in under 7 minutes.  I challenge you to beat his time.

I went into Harbor Fitness, my gym in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn the next day, carrying my rings and hooked them up in the squat rack, getting my usual crazy looks.  I knew 135# Squat Clean was going to break me off, but I had decided to do it RX, so I was stuck.  Using metal plates, not being allowed to drop the bar, I “stormed” through Elizabeth in a brisk 26 minutes.  I would challenge you to beat this time, but I’m forcing you to learn from my lessons, and we’ll be capping the WOD at 20 minutes.

I will tell you I cut my time in half in my next attempt later in 2007, finishing Elizabeth in 13 minutes.  In 2008, I beat Greg with a 6:47 Elizabeth.  Fitness baby!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Yu0cVdRXpM?rel=0&w=420&h=315]

Workout of the Day



Squat Clean 135/95

Ring Dip


In the remaining time in class, build to a heavy

Front Squat from the rack