Donating from the heart :)


Donating from the heart :)

Big thanks to June for contributing to tonight’s blog post on donating platelets. If you haven’t met June, she is the most fit 60 year old you will meet. If she is not running/rowing/CrossFitting, then she is playing golf. June came in 91st IN THE WORLD in the Age Group Online Qualifier for the 2020 Crossfit Oakdale Games. She has been a solid member of Crossfit Oakdale since 2013. Thank you for sharing, June!

“Hi this is June. I think most of you guys know me. I’m a regular at the 9am class.
Several years ago I started donating platelets, which is a component of our blood that initiates blood clotting. Donated platelets are used for patients who undergo bone marrow transplants, cancer, trauma and surgery to assist with blood clotting and stop internal bleeding. This is just a few uses.
Since I moved to Oakdale from the Bay Area I have not donated until this week. I was inspired by Amber reaching out to anyone that has had the covid-19 and recovered to donate platelets….I do not have or have had covid-19. 
I made an appointment at Red Cross in Sonora for this past Monday. In the past I only donated at Stanford, an awesome facility. So  I had no idea what a Red Cross facility would be like, it was awesome! 
When I arrived, before entering the facility they checked my temperature. I passed. 


Then I logged into a computer and answered some basic questions. I was then taken into a room for basic stuff. Blood pressure, hemoglobin level and more questions…I always like this one… have you ever been paid for sex. Lol
I then went to the movie room for a video. Shit… I’ve seen all the good movies. “Ad Astra” was a bad choice. Too slow when you’re tied to a machine for 90 minutes and can’t move your arms!
Now I have an IV in both arms. The blood flows out my right arm, goes through a machine to remove the blood plasma and platelets, then it’s returned in my left arm. Since this was my first with RC they programmed the machine with a standard platelet count. Avg platelet count for a women is between 157k and 371k. I’m in the 300k plus range. But they don’t know that. They also plug in my weight. Based on that, the machine determines how much to take.
I knew as soon as it started, I was in for a ride. Within minutes my tongue started to tingle. Tingling is standard. Tums helps but my mouth was so dry it would be like chewing on cotton balls. The tingling moved around my body. In the last 19 minutes my biceps were cramping from the blood pressure cuffs. The nurses joked it was because my biceps were so big. Ha!Ha! 
I was on the machine for 89 minutes. In the past, a double usually would take roughly 70 minutes. 
Omg! They removed the platelet bag, more than double!

What is you blood type? I’m O negative, RH negative 

Red Cross has an app. that will show where your donation was used. I’m looking forward to finding out we’re mine was used

 Right now there is a big demand for whole blood and platelets….please donate.”

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Workout of the Day

Stolen shamelessly from Alex and Will Cavanaugh:)

“Fully Loaded”

6 Rounds for Time
60 Double-Unders
30 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)
15 Burpees

“Half Cocked”
6 Rounds for Time
60 Doubles, 120 Singles or 15 Tuck Jumps
30 Kettlebell Swings/Dumbbell Swings/Odd Object Swings
15 Burpees

“Empty Chamber”

12 Rounds for Time
10 Tuck Jumps
15 Burpees