Deadlift Progression


Deadlift Progression

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We will start a new deadlift progression on Wednesday. The starting point will be 60-70% of your 1RM. After week 1, guys will add 20 pounds, ladies will add 10 each week.

Why is there a 60-70%? If you have a DL close to 400/250, I would start closer to 60%. If you deadlift is closer to the 350/225 range, I would start closer to 70%. Just because you’re strong, doesn’t mean you should start higher.

We will be doing 5 sets of 3. Each session should be accompanied by 3-4 warm up sets, not including your naked bar pulls.

The goal of this progression will be to get better at pulling off the floor. Of course we want to increase our 1RM, but I want these sessions to apply to the olympic lifts. That means no switch grip on your 5 sets. You can use the hook grip.

One each rep, ask yourself, Could I Clean This Barbell?

After each session, we will finish with a max rep set at a predetermined weight. For this set, you may use the switch grip. But, for the first week, you may not do more than 15 reps. If you get 15 reps, you can add weight next week.

Also, I have told some folks they should try lifting off plates. If I have not told you this, don’t stand on plates. This comes from watching athletes at the weightlifting sessions on Friday nights. We are identifying small areas that could be tweaked during these sessions. If you are looking for these kind of tweaks, get to the Friday night sessions with Denny.

Workout of the Day

Clean Grip Deadlift

5 sets of 3, 60-70% of 1RM

Max Rep Set

Deadlift 275/185

If you get 15 reps, stop. You will get to add weight next week.