Day 31

It is October 1st. For many of you that means the start of the fall season, ambulance maybe you are wearing a hoodie, here maybe you have a pumpkin on your porch. BUT for 15 people it means day 31 of the Whole30. Or Day 1 of new way of eating. For the past 30 days we have  (to the best of our abilities) eschewed dairy, sugar, grains, and legumes. We have eaten only meat, veggies, eggs, some fruit, nuts, seeds and good fats. We have AVOIDED alcohol. The items removed are those that cause inflammation. Inflammation is the root of all evil in case you didn’t know. Inflammation causes us aches and pains. Inflammation hinders our training and obstructs our recovery.
While this is my 5th paleo challenge in the past 5 years, it was the first for a few. The results are still coming in – measurements and baseline redo’s are still being done – but the numbers are very exciting. The changes in people, physical and mental are exciting too. 
Even more exciting was the posts on Facebook this morning. There is a page dedicated to our Food Challenges at CFO – The CFO EWLB (eat well live better) Challengers page. (Make sure you like it.) Just a few excerpts: FYI there were 4 married couples in this challenge.
John L: Whole30 Challenge is officially over. Made a big difference in my life and I give 80% of my success to my beautiful and extremely impressive wife. 40% for her efforts in the kitchen making delicious meals and 40% for puttin up with my shit. Ill take the other 20% credit to myself. It was a struggle but glad we did it. We accepted the Challenge and stayed committed 100%.
Robin C.: After a long day at work, I have rewarded myself with a substitute adult beverage. Flavored soda water with fresh raspberries. Hits the spot
Joe and Michelle W: I just survived House of Beef. No bread, no fries, no sweetener in my ice tea, no ranch dressing on my salad. That left with only tri tip. Success…
Of the 6 people so far, most have lost at least 6-7″ all around and averaged over 2# a week. As far as I know no one spent three meals at McDonald’s today. I would call it a success. (If you want to see the picture of the candy that was purchased PM me.)
In the end, I think we all have felt and seen the difference in removing certain food groups that cause inflammation. It is the Whole 30 and not the Whole 365 so we will be adding things back in. Stay tuned for the physical reactions of what happens when the Whole 30 Challengers add dairy and sugar back in…it may be TMI. You have been warned.

Captions as seen on Facebook:" Ok, I might have set my watch forward to 5 oclock for the simple fact that we dont usually have a beer at 0730 (on Wednesdays) dont judge!"
Captions as seen on Facebook:” Ok, I might have set my watch forward to 5 oclock for the simple fact that we dont usually have a beer at 0730 (on Wednesdays) dont judge!”

Workout of the Day
2 minutes at each station, 1 minute of rest between stations
Wallball Shot 20/14
Toes to Bar
Box Jump 24/20
Power Clean 135/95
Muscleup or Burpee Pullup
Power Clean 135/95
Box Jump 24/20
Toe to Bar
Wallball Shot 20/14