Curb Your Enthusiasm


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Have you ever gone on a long vacation? Or remember the days after going back to school after summer break? By mid day, you’re exhausted and wondering how you ever did this in the first place.

Well, as things open back up, you may experience a similar feeling. You may be used to ripping off huge sets of pull-ups or crushing barbell workouts. And maybe you have continued to crush at home. But something about being in the crowd, in the heat of the moment, can cause you to push just a little bit harder. That’s why we can’t wait to get back in the gym – to feed off that energy.

All I’m saying is, be prepared. We are going to ease you back in. You may say “hey, I want more!” All good things come in time. There is a new normal to become adjusted to – like a worldwide pandemic is ongoing. Walking into and out of the gym, spacing, cleaning, signing up for every class, these are all things to get used to. Not to mention maximal effort workouts. So, please be prepared, be flexible and feel free to ask any questions.

Please, make sure you sign up for classes on Mindbody for Wednesday and onward. Text or call Alison if you have any questions.

Tomorrow’s Schedule

ROMWOD 8:30am Click here to join

CrossFit 9am Click here to join

CrossFit Oakdale Kids and Teens 3pm Click here join

Thanks Chelsie!!

Workout of the Day


500m Row

400m Run

Sub 30 Burpees if you don’t have access to a rower.