Competition and a Masters-ful Bro Sesh


Competition and a Masters-ful Bro Sesh

A bunch of CFO men competed over the weekend.
Royal competed in the FrankenWOD Throwdown in San Jose.  I spoke to him on Saturday, click and he said he pushed hard and learned a bunch.  Full effort = full victory.
Denny just missed a top 10 finish at a competition at CrossFit Adrenaline in Chico on Saturday – finishing in the top 10 in 2 CrossFit-style WODs, viagra sale PRing his back squat with 305 (make sure you ring that bell), dosage and running into a tough event in an obstacle course. Denny is a gamer and a ball of fire – I’m sorry I couldn’t watch you this weekend buddy!
Don, Bill, Paul and I took on the Men’s Gauntlet at CrossFit Roseville in Roseville, CA.  The Gauntlet consisted of nearly every CrossFit movement performed in 1 hour.
It was a well run event – the WODs were simple, challenging and fun.  The judging was spot on and, most importantly, it ran on time.  The Gauntlet was low stress and well organized.  I look forward to doing it again.
Paul took 6th overall in a tough field.  He finished 2nd in 2 events.  Those 2 events were, in my opinion, the toughest elements of the challenge, the Snatch/BJ couplet (easily the hardest part) and the OHS/Pistol/Doubleunder/MU chipper.
Bill took 13th, and had a very strong day until he ran into some weaknesses with the OHS, Pistols and HSPU.  Pistols and HSPU are higher level CrossFit skills, and I have a plan to start attacking this weaknesses.
Both Don and Bill struggled on the OHS.  The OHS is tough for many – especially if you avoid it.  I don’t normally program OHS work, I like to work it in with the Snatch.  BUT…if you just rely on the Power version, you’re missing the opportunity to work on your overhead squat.
Favorite moments from the weekend
For me it was all Don’s heat.
Don and Dallas Broussard from WarriorZ “bro’ed up” during their heat.  They followed a scaled team (the master’s and the scaled used the same weights).  As they blazed through the first rounds, the judges turned to me, smiling and said “They just crushed the young guys!”  I was chatting up some of the other master’s competitor’s and they marveled at how strong and how well Don and Dallas moved.
Through out Don and Dallas’ heat, they pushed each other hard, jockeying for position.  Don was better on the bar, Dallas was better at bodyweight movements.
As the Gauntlet ended, Don and Dallas had to square off on a barbell ground to overhead.  Emmaline cheered on her Dad as Dallas’ son cheered, yelling “C’mon Dad!” as his daughter’s – Dallas grand daughters – played.  How cool is that?  Multiple generations cheering on their families – enduring pain, setting the example, pushing each other.
In the end, Dallas won the Master’s event, and Don finished 2nd.  Great Job studs!
I won the 35 and over division and finished 2nd overall at the Gauntlet.
The event was running long and we got hungry.  We missed out on podium pics, but we smashed our faces at 5 Guys like champions.

Dallas and Don: battled for an hour, hugged like brothers after.  Gentleman

Dallas and Don: battled for an hour, hugged like brothers after. Gentleman

Workout of the Day
Back Squat
Build off you numbers from the last 2 weeks.  We started at 65% of 1RM, you should be adjusting to the heavy singles.  If you are comfortable, you may jump 10-20# from last week.  If not, keep the weights steady and ensure you are hitting full depth.
Parking Lot Run
10 Burpees to plate