Clusters in bunches

The Go Nowhere Generation from the New York Times.  Depending on your views, salve many of us are a part of the generation described (I’m either Generation X or Y, price not that I care about these distinctions).  Some of the stories described bear a striking resemblance to people I am close to.  Side note:  I wanted to define, more about in my mind, the different generations.  I spent a few minutes looking at generations (The Greatest, Silent, Baby Boomers, X, Y, Millennials, and more.  Kind of interesting stuff.)
What is a “Cluster”?
A Cluster is a Squat Clean into a Thruster.  The Cluster is in my top 3 favorite CrossFit movements.  It taxes the central nervous system, moves weight (bar, dumb bell, medicine ball) fast over a long distance, and requires great midline stability (core tension).  You may power clean, front squat, then thrusters.  BUT…I want you to work on the athleticism required to catch the weight, then drive out of the pocket (bottom of the squat).

Workout of the Day
In 15 minutes, build to a heavy single.
5 Clusters 135/95
Run to Fence and Back