Christmas Week and a Saturday Rundown

I just wanted to give you a quick sampling of the work we did on Saturday.  We had a great 9am class, approved opening with “Roxanne” and a solid preview of deadlifts and shoulder to overhead before partnering up and taking on a challenging 5 minute AMRAP of 3 heavy deadlifts on 7 moderate shoulder to overheads.  We cashed out the 9am and bought in the 10am classes together with a quick 10-8-6-4-2 1-arm DB Snatch with 10 squats after each round.
We had a nice little reunion with Brady and Annie Marshall, # dosage who are back in the area for Christmas.  What do we do when we see old friends?  Make them exercise real hard!
10am then moved on to 5-4-3-2-1 Snatch at 165/105 with 50-40-30-20-10 doubleunders.  We definitely saw some scaling on the snatch weight and we still kept an aggressive 7 minute cap on the WOD.  We changed out weights then took on the Deadlift/S2O WOD.  This shoulder to overheads got rough at the end, huh?
Finally, Louis has been bring his sled for dragging, and he loaded it up and dragged 200 plus pounds all the way around TL Davis with Uncle Don.  They split the work every 2 minutes.
Brady and I dragged a sled that weight about 180#, and we switched off at every fire hydrant.  That pull got muy caliente on the last stretch of Warnerville Road!
We finished it off with a big meal at Ferresses’s, a nap and a work Christmas party that night.  I ate like I was going to the chair.  Fun!
We’re starting week 4 of the Cube and that means all lifts go up by 5%.  Things were seemingly light for weeks 1 through 3, and but I think you will begin to feel the extra 5%.  Remember if the weight is brutal, factor 95% of your 1RM, then multiply that by .8 for Monday’s deadlifting.
Press will be Thursday, Squat is Friday.  I will be moving the days around next week.

It's a little blurry, but Paul drills 205# at Merced last week.  After rowing 2k! R4A
It’s a little blurry, but Paul drills 205# at Merced last week. After rowing 2k! R4A

Workout of the Day
Week 4 of the Cube
5 sets of 2, 85% of 1RM
5 Pullups
7 Burpee Box Jump 20 inch for all
9 Wallball Shots 20/14

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