Changing it up!


Changing it up!

Starting next week, we are making some changes to the schedule. We will be canceling the Monday at 3:30pm class due to low attendance. We are also converting the 6:30pm Wednesday class into an Open Gym session. This will give us the opportunity to offer some seminars on specific movement.

We are excited too start the new year – we are also excited to see everyone working on their new skills or goals. We love extra work, but the thing we love the most – is classes full of energy and people. We would rather run less classes that are full of people working than spreading the energy too thin.

Conversely, I believe the best workout done by yourself does not hold a candle to a pretty good workout done in a group. We love people doing the work, but please make the class your training priority. We promise we will get you stronger and more fit.

Even re-doing one of those Open workouts for the third time feels a bit like you are by yourself. But you still have a judge and like, 400,000 other folks trying to beat you. Be a part of the energy.

Unfortunately, elite fitness is usually found on the path you don’t want to go down or tried to avoid. Best advice for this: don’t cherry pick workouts or movements. If you don’t want to do it, you probably need to:)

Workout of the Day

Shoulder Press

5 Sets of 5 @65% of 1RM


5 Rounds

15 Cal Row

15 Situps

15 Cal Row

50 Double Unders