20 Rep


20 Rep

So, we will start a 20 rep back squat progression. It will last 8 weeks. The idea is to start at a reasonable weight – think body weight for men, 75% bodyweight for women. If this is not reasonable, find something that is. Each week, if you complete the session, add 5 pounds to your next week.

You should get warm before this, but don’t wear yourself out. Barbell, maybe two to 3 weight sets of 3, possibly 5, then get into the working set.

This should be hard. You should feel uncomfortable. You should be challenged and each week, you should be thinking, “oh boy, I got that 20 rep set coming up.”

Why? Because it will make you strong, tough and because you can.

Workout of the Day

Back Squat

20 rep set



10 Alternating KB Front Rack Lunge (in place)

25′ Handstand Walk