Being Sneaky

Th video explains this workout perfectly.  Like the Shoulder Press/Push Press/Jerk workout las week, you will need to know what your final lift is, and plan/strategize to go up in weight on each of the 15 lifts.
Like last week, we will do another 5-3-1-1-1-1 Clean workout on Wednesday, but the squat portion will be optional.  On Friday we will do another old school Shoulder workout.   We will Snatch on Saturday.
We will be sticking with this 5-3-3-1-1-1-1-1 scheme, or similar builds, for the coming weeks.  I find it a fun way to challenge yourself, as opposed to doing percentage work or a straight max out session.
As we do these sessions, try to sneak a little weight on the bar each week.  Know you starting and goal numbers.  By adding 2.5s to each side of the bar, on each set this week, you will increase your total weight lifted across the session by 75#.  Slowly but surely, you will develop strength and confidence, all the while refining your technique on the Olympic lifts.
On more note – you should not be missing lifts.  Yet.  We will follow this loose program for 6 weeks.  We will rotate: squats, overhead work (presses and Jerks), the Clean, Clean and Jerk and the Snatch, in 3-4 times per week.  We will be lifting heavy, building the capacity and refining technical proficiency under load.  At this point, you should be drilling all the lifts.  If you feel great, and your last set or so you want to go for a PR, that’s fine.  But for the most part, if you are missing right now, you may be overreaching.
Workout of the Day
Overhead Squat
Front Squat
Back Squat
Alternating Tabata
20 seconds on/10 seconds off
Ball Slam
Axle Bar Hang Power Clean (Men have 25s on each side, ladies have 15s on each side)