Band week continues


Band week continues

Look – there is some epic shit happening in band week: KISS, Slash & Axel, and Annie Lennox have all made appearances. Good thing my favorite bands are usually boring guys that dress casually and comfortably.

CrossFit Sonora has asked that we get up there for 5:30pm…so leaving around 4:45pm ish. In light of that, we will be holding a 3:30pm class on Friday for those of you who cannot make it up the hill with us but will still need to do 19.4. We will also be repeating 19.4 on Satuday and Sunday from 10am-12pm. Monday – 8am (until Romwod at 8:30am) and then after 11:30pm.

Get your guesses in for 19.4

Workout of the Day


30 Doubleunders

15 Push Press 75/55

Parking Lot Run

15 Calorie Row