Back to the Supple Leopard

Being a CrossFit gym for more than 5 years (and being in the game for more than 10) is an interesting thing. We have learned enough cool stuff that we have actually forgotten about some cool stuff.
Like K-Star, or if you prefer, the Supple Leopard.
Still nothing?  It’s the guy I linked in the video, Kelly Starrett.  Kelly was (or may still be) the owner of San Francisco CrossFit.  He was an early adapter to the methodology and was one of the first guys breaking things down.
In a world where barbell technicians, dietitians and gymnastics coaches started to enter in our world (circa 2010) Kelly appointed himself “The Stretching Guy.”  Instead of thinking about better ways to clean a barbell or how to break down your macros, K-Star starting breaking down how to prepare your body, efficient get into positions and how to recover damaged tissue.
Kelly started the “Mobility Project” in which he posted daily videos of 5-10 minutes in length working on some aspect of mobility, flexibility or recovery.  It’s telling that basically everyone does this stuff now, when no one did it.  I really don’t think gyms would have rollers, bands, lacrosse balls or many other instruments of torture, ahem, recovery if it wasn’t for his influence.  There certainly wouldn’t be a ROMWOD.
Like any good entrepreneur, Kelly figured out to monetize his talent, he wrote a book, figure out how to get his posters in our bathroom, and I’m sure he’s doing other cool stuff.  But going back to his old videos is an excellent way to recover after you put you body through the wringer.
Workout of the Day
15 Box Jumps 24/20
12 Shoulder to Overhead KB or DB in each hand, 50/35 or 53/36
9 Toes to Bar