Athlete Spotlight


Athlete Spotlight

Hi there, visit this Coach Sarah here…Some of you may not know Sofia W. She came in like a ninja and just started crushing weights and motoring through workouts.  This strong mama primarily attends the 9am class, but you better believe she has already put on her positive pants by that morning hour- she is smiling, receptive and ready! She has been a member of our gym for a few months now- but her progress shows that of a seasoned CrossFitter.  It’s my personal belief that attitude is everything- and with Sofia’s positive, motivated and determined attitude, there’s no limits to her capabilities in this crazy, awesome fitness journey! Enjoy getting to know her better, I know I have.


How were you introduced to CFO? When did you realize CrossFit was for you?

I was introduced by my brother. The first time I tried it I was hooked.

What is your first impression ?

Love it! I couldn’t wait to go again. I’ve even wanted to go 2 times in one day haha

What do you like best about going to CrossFit Oakdale?

The people and confidence it gives me. It’s hard work but makes me feel motivated and want to push harder everytime.

I have always wanted to…..

Travel and try new things.

One word people use to describe me:


Outside of the gym I like to…..

Spend time with family, go camping, bbqs, taking the kids places.

Three things in my fridge:

Milk, veggies, Cheese

The last thing you ate:

Spinach chicken wrap

Something no one knows about me or would be surprised to know:

I’m actually very loud and talk a lot and love to just laugh and have fun!

Favorite physical activity outside of CrossFit Oakdale:

Kayaking, camping, just being by the water.

Favorite place to eat:

Hard to pick, anywhere that has good mexican food!

Proudest accomplishment:

Watching my kids grow into good people.

If you could invite anybody to dinner:

My grandma

Favorite workout attire:

Comfy shoes, Flowy shirt, leggings



Workout of the Day
Gymnastics Strength/Skill
Handstand progression
OTM 10
20s work, 40s rest
21 Box Jump and Over 24/20
15 Pullups
Parking Lot Run