Athlete Spotlight! – Lizzie


Athlete Spotlight! – Lizzie

By Tricia Wessling
How were you introduced to CFO? When did you realize CrossFit was for you?
I found CFO through a Google search of places around the area. I drove to them all to check them out … I had never seen a Crossfit box before. I had just moved here from Ontario, Canada, where I had done it a few times and I really loved the dynamics, movements and variety. It was a few months later that I signed up at CFO and convinced my hubby to sign up to. I always new Crossfit would be for me. I love the physical challenges … burpees and double-unders and box jumping and running and squats and clean-and-jerks and toes-to-bar and everything else that gets thrown at us.
What is your first impression ?
Love at first WOD. 
What do you like best about going to CrossFit Oakdale?
Several things make CFO the best … the coaches are dynamite, the people are encouraging and cool, music is pumping, equipment is plentiful, plus it is a good and positive environment all-around to be in.  I like how CFO runs and the challenges the coaches give me each day I go.
 I have always wanted to…..
 Go to Hawaii! Now that I live so much closer than before … it is way more possible!!!
One word people use to describe me:
Hmm, there are usually two words: strong and resilient. I am a stage 4 cancer survivor and have endured my fair share of heartache and tragedy and loss in a short period of time at a young age. It completely changed my life’s path. Dealing with everything took time and effort and energy but I have come through it all a better, more self-aware person. Life is good.
Outside of the gym I like to…..
Play sports!! Hockey and basketball are my #1 and #2 choices. I also like to learn so I study things on my own or go to the local college for some classes. I love going on hikes, going to the water, playing with my 3 doggies, teaching, coaching, traveling, spending time with my hubby, planting trees, visiting friends and family, and going on adventures and exploring things. I have a “Life’s To Do” list that is loaded with stuff to do at the drop of a hat so being spontaneous is something I like too. 
Three things in my fridge:
Plums, nuts, and diet Pepsi 
The last thing you ate:
Something no one knows about me or would be surprised to know:
I moved to California 2 years ago and I am now just starting to get settled. I really wilted when I moved here … it has been a very difficult transition for me. I miss all things Canadian and familiar. However, my hubby has been great and well worth the move and after I joined CFO I noticed it benefitted me all around, not just for physical exercise … that I did not expect or anticipate but am grateful for  … thank you!  🙂
Favorite physical activity outside of CrossFit Oakdale:
Hockey, basketball, running, hiking, ultimate frisbee, badminton, rollerblading, bike riding … just about any sport really. 
Favorite place to eat:
Back home, in Canada, this cute little Italian restaurant called Fellini Coolini’s  and a place called Joe Cool’s. 
Proudest accomplishment:
Surviving cancer I guess. Yeah. I would say so. And that I am not bitter or angry going through all of it …  I promised myself in my darkest moments that I would not end up a bitter, angry, ugly-personality person. I wanted to be remembered in a positive way.
If you could invite anybody to dinner:
My older brother, Jason! He died in a car accident when I was in treatment for cancer … right after my second surgery but before I started chemo and radiation. We were tight. This broke my heart more than having advanced stage cancer.
Favorite workout attire:
My Nike capris with my new CFO tank top, and my Reebok Crossfit shoes!! Ponytail and wrist bands on too baby!

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Workout of the Day


Handstand Practice

For 7 minutes get upside down.  This may mean:

1 Wall Climb per minute, or Handstand Hold for 20 seconds per minute, or a 40 foot handstand walk per minute. 


“Big Mac”

90 Doubleunders

30 Power Cleans 135/95

90 Doubleunders

30 Front Squats 135/95

90 Doubleunders

Shamelessly borrowed from Ben Bergeron’s Competitors WOD.  But I gave it a name – to me, the DU are like the bread on a Big Mac, and the barbell stuff is like the meat.  Enjoy!