"Annie" with a twist…


"Annie" with a twist…

So, purchase Alison suggested the benchmark girl “Annie” this week.  It’s a great workout, online but with the level of fitness at CFO, for sale Annie, even if done at face melting intensity, is basically a cash out.  So I’ve made some additions.

There is an option for GHD Annie – it is not 1 for 1.  150 GHD sit-ups is a great idea – if you want to be bed ridden for 5-7 days.  If you want to try GHD Annie, do 10 reps each time on the GHD.  So, 50 DU, 10 GHD, 40 DU, 10 GHD…

If 30 T2B is easy for you, sub 10 Muscle Ups.

On the GHD front – they are quite difficult to program for the gym in workouts.  First, it is a safety issue to get in and out of the thing, especially when tired.  Second, we only have 2 of them, and 1 is more like a medieval torture rack , but it serves it’s purpose.  But here is a GHD program to try.

On you next day in the gym, do 2 GHD.  The next day you come in, do 4.  The next day 6.  The 8.  Keep going until you hit 30.  This will take 15 training days.  These sets should be unbroken – meaning you can go slow, but you should not remove your feet from the apparatus.  You cannot go up in reps until you complete a set unbroken.

When you hit 30, drop down to 2, but do them with a small medicine ball, 8 or 10 pounds.  Same thing, work up to 30 unbroken GHD with a weighted ball.  When you hit 30, drop back down to 2, but build back up with a 12 or 14 pound ball.  Build to 30 again.  Finally, once you hit 30, do it again with 14 or 20 pound ball.  In total, this will take 60 training days, but you will likely have developed a pretty strong core and a killer butt.

I have actually done this up to 60 GHD.  But once I added the ball, I was so sore and tight in my hips, I needed to drop back down.  If you can work up to 60, go for it. 


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30 Toes to Bar





30 Toes to Bar