…and that is why we do this!

Some of my favorite stories in CrossFit are the use of fitness in the betterment of peoples live.
Jaydeen is a new athlete at CFO, information pills starting in the last 2 months.  She went skiing this weekend and realized she could ski longer than she ever had been able to before.
I got this text message from Trevor a couple of weeks ago:
“I’ve worked construction for over 15 years.  I can’t even the difference has made in my day to day work performance.  It’s drastic.”
Finally, drug Bob W shared a story with me during hunting season when Bob and his hunting buddy had to pull a boat through mud.  Bob and his buddy are both former college football players – tough, strong guys.  Bob does CrossFit, his buddy doesn’t.  As the boat got stuck, Bob was the only one strong enough and flexible enough to pull the awkward object from the mud.
These are simple but profound stories about regular folks using their fitness to be better at life.  If you have a cool story applying your fitness, please share it.
Workout of the Day
Clean and Jerk
Spend 15 minutes working up to a heavy, but technically perfect, single.  
3 Cleans
3 Shoulder to Overhead
30 Doubleunders
6 Cleans
6 Shoulder to Overhead
30 Doubleunders
9 Cleans
9 Shoulder to Overhead
30 Doubleunders…
Keep going up by 3s – next round is 12, next is 15…
Men – 135, Ladies – 95