3-D Body Scan


3-D Body Scan

Remember the dunk tank? Face down in 4 inches of water blowing as hard as you can…feeling of drowning. Finally you get to come up, and you have to do it 2 more times. Frowning, crying face emoji. It is the gold standard of body fat testing, but can be full of anxiety.

Fast forward to the 3-D Body Scan. Accurate body fat % and measurements, a 3-D interactive image of your figure, your overall health score based on data, and the ability to compare non-emotional interactive images in your private dashboard. No more taking half naked pictures of yourself in your bathroom mirror.

We will be having this glorious machine on our property on Monday, November 8th between 3pm and 7pm. $40 if you sign up before 10/10, $45 between 10/10 and 10/25, and $49 after 10/25.

Contact Alison (call or text) 209-345-4380 to sign up, or catch her at the gym.

Workout of the Day



12 Calories

12 Air Squats


Hang Power Clean plus Squat Clean
2 sets @ 40%

1 set @ 50%

1 set @ 60%

Hang Power Clean plus Squat Clean
at 70-75%

Clean Pulls

5 sets of 3 100%of clean weight