3, 2, 1…bust it


3, 2, 1…bust it

My brother was a SEAL and Dave Castro was one of his trainers. My brother was forced to do CrossFit against his will. He will tell you he does not do CrossFit. I will ask him about workouts. He will said I did 5 rounds of 20 pullups, 20 squats and 20 KB swings. I will say…you’re doing CrossFit bro.

One time he told me he was watching the CrossFit Games. He said Castro was staring the work out and said 3, 2, 1 go. He said the at BUD/S, before a physical evolution, they would say 3, 2, 1 bust it. He was disappointed that Castro did not say bust it. But he doesn’t do CrossFit.

Please wish good luck to Brooke, Denny, June and I as we take on the age group online qualifier this weekend. The workouts get announced tomorrow at noon.

There is more competition stuff on the horizon…Pair Up Throwdown Saturday May 22 – Find a Partner – M/M F/F M/F

Workout of Day

20 Minutes
1 Snatch every 30 seconds
40 Lifts – score is total pounds lifted.