2014 CrossFit Games starts this week – what to expect at CFO

The first WOD of the Open, drug which will be referred to as “14.1” all over the world drops on us Thursday at 5pm.  We will do a run through on Thursday at 6:30pm.
On Fridays throughout the Open, link each class will do the Open WOD.
Please be prepared to judge/count reps for athletes if you are competing.  
The big time run through of the WOD will be Saturday at 10am.  Saturday’s at 9am we will run partner/fun WODs, so if you just did the Open WOD on Friday, you can exercise without the pressure of going against Froning and Briggs.  I’m kidding.  Kind of.
If you are planning on workout out on Friday’s but not doing the Open, and hitting it Saturday, I will have a prep WOD for you.
We will continue to have Open gym on Sunday’s from 1-3p.  If you plan on doing the Open WOD then, PLEASE set up your own judge.
Here’s the deal:  the Open can be chaotic and stressful.  It screws up “the plan” because we don’t know what’s coming.  It usually takes a week or two to adapt the gyms programming during the Open. Everyone wants to do well, but we want to keep this thing in perspective.  If you are competing in the Open, we want you to do your best, but not at the expense of every other CFO athlete.  Yes, this is your time to shine, but if someone is “just” working out, they may not enjoy counting reps as you enter the pain cave.
If you are doing the Open, understand we are deadly serious about the standards.  We do things the right way and if exercises are meant to be scored a certain way, that is the way we will score them.  A judges calls stand – if you are no re repped, just do your next rep better.  Trust me, Alison has no repped me enough times to know this.  Meet the standard and you will have no problems.
We will review the standards for each WOD and will provide the movement standards as clearly as possible.  Please review the standards yourself and ask any questions or present suggestions if you have them before the WOD is started.
If you are signed up for the Open – for the official run – there is no scaling.  If you can’t do something, you can’t do it and it will be reflected in your score.  Train hard over the year and attack that weakness.
My final $.02.  Re-doing the WODs usually works for a better score.  BUT…doing them more than twice usually does not.  Doing the WODs on back to back days usually does not.  I would say it takes 72 hours to be fully recovered from an Open WOD.  This will make re-do’s very hard to fit in.
Who should consider re-doing WODs?  If you are on the cusp of qualifying for Regionals, consider re-dos.  If you are a Master’s athlete and you are close to the top 200, consider a re-do.  Otherwise, it’s one shot, one kill.

Oscar and Oreo, ready to drag some big pink bells
Goose and Oreo, ready to drag some big pink bells

Workout of the Day
OTM for 10
5 Deadlift
10/7 Pushups
Recommended weight is 225/155, but use a weight that you can chain 5 solid, perfect touch and go reps with.
Use the rest of the minute to rest/recover.  
5 Rounds, for Reps
1 minute of Burpee Box Jump and Overs 24/20
1 minute rest