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December 11, 2017

For Tuesday, we’ll be pulling.  All freaking day!

I really enjoyed the Deadlift/Power Clean day from a few weeks ago.  I PR’ed my Power Clean after pull more than 400 off the ground.  I doubt an Olympic weightlifting coach would recommend pulling real heavy before pulling really heavy – but we are Olympic weightlifters.  We USE weightlifting to suit our fitness needs.

The heavy pulling set me up nicely for the longer, powerful pull of the Clean.  Instead of a switch grip, which is likely the best for a max effort deadlift, you will have 15 minutes to pull a max effort Clean Grip Deadlift.  This will be a tight 15 minute window, flowing directly in 15 minutes to establish a heavy Power Clean.

For the workout, I highly recommend you have a judge, or someone to count for you.  The intensity we are looking for is somewhere between John McClane jumping off the exploding Nakatomi Plaza and/or Keanu Reeves jumping a bus over the gap in the Los Angeles freeway and not going under 50 miles an hour.

That’s hard to obtain when you are trying to flip chips or swipe lines.  Please, partner up.  Partners – push your athletes!

For scaling – If you can do pullups, but you can’t do 4, lower the pullups to something you can do in this setting.  Even fast sets of 1 pullup and 4 burpees will push your capacity.

If you can’t do pullups, jumping pullups or body pulls if fine here.


Workout of the Day


Clean Grip Deadlift

Build to a heavy single in 15 minutes

Power Clean

Build to a heavy single in 15 minutes


“Furious Four”


4 Pullups

4 Burpees


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