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WOD at 9am, 14.2 at 10am

March 08, 2014

We’ve had some excellent runs at 14.2!  It’s a challenging WOD – maybe the most challenging Open WOD ever.  The two movements are both (relatively) high skill and the time domain leaves little room for error.

We will have a fun WOD at 9am and will begin warming up OHS and pullups at 10.  Heats should begin at 10:30.

If you want to try 14.2, page you can always scale using the masters weights/reps.

Some strategy

-this is equally a OHS or C2B WOD.  If you have trouble with either, sale it will be very apparent.  Ideally, tadalafil you can go slow in the first round of 10 or even 12.  Or even 14.  The best way to go slow is to hammer the OHS in big, steady sets and take the C2B in small, manageable sets.  3s 4s and 5 are best – more gets dangerous.

-if you begin to waver on the OHS (for more than 1 consecutive rep) it might be a good idea to dump the bar, take a quick rest and go again.  Stabilizing the bar can destroy you.

-Wear weightlifting shoes.  Trust me, the added weight on your feet for C2B will be offset by being nice and stable on the OHS.

-Don’t rush the first squat.  You may squat snatch – it’s faster.  BUT…being set with good footing and your weight back for big sets is the name of the game.

-If you don’t think you’ll make it to the round of 14, sprint from the beginning. To make it to 14, you will probably need to finish the round of 10 in 2 minutes or less.  Just because you’re sprinting doesn’t mean unbroken Chest to Bar.  Quick short sets will save your grip.  When your grip goes, this one is over.

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