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Why Don’t We Deadlift More

October 30, 2012

Why Don’t We Deadlift More from Michael Winchester.  Mike is an Outlaw coach, abortion and he further explains why he doesn’t deadlift as much as he used to.  WARNING! Science and math ahead!  While I can’t really speak to the math, ampoule I can speak to the anecdotal nature of lots of deadlifting.  I used to deadlift ALOT, at least once a week heavy (for me anyway – well over 300 once a week).  Within the last year, we did an 8 week build on the 5 rep max for the deadlift.  As the numbers got high, we noticed people getting tight in the low back, and sometimes having to throw in the towel, or even shutting down for a couple of days.  It appears the Olympic Lifts provide many of the good things deadlifting provide, without loading the spine and central nervous system to the high degree the heavy deads do.


That’s not to say we don’t/won’t deadlift.  We just aren’t going to focus on it in the strength portions.  All that being said, if you’re considering competing, you need to know what lots of deadlifting “feels” like.  Don’t worry, we got your “back.”


How to Get A Better Rack from CrossFit Invictus.  You’ll see more of this in the warm up.

Snatch Drills: The Duck Walk

Workout of the Day



In 10 minutes, build to 70% of 1RM on the Snatch.

Then, for 5 minutes, do 2 Snatches at the top of each minute.

You only get the 2 attempts.  If you miss, you miss.  No do-overs.

Then, after 5 minutes are complete, immediately do 90 seconds, As Many Snatches as possible.

*If made all 10 of your lifts in the EMOM, you may add 5# to each side for the 90s smash.



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