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Week of March 27, 2017

March 26, 2017

One more day to get 17.5 in.  If you plan on re-doing, medical make sure you get it in and submitted before 5.  And make sure you don’t plan on using your legs much next week!

In the coming days and weeks, erectile we will be digging more into the leaderboard to see what we learned this year.

As we transition out of the Open, more about we will do some fun lifting sessions this week.  We will Clean and Jerk on Monday, Bench Press on Tuesday, Snatch on Wednesday, Squat on Thursday and Deadlift one Friday.  These will not be 1RM tests.  We will throw some different standards on the lifts to keep it interesting, fun and challenging.

Workout of the Day


Clean and Jerk

Take 20 minutes to a heavy single of Clean and Jerk – any style is allowed.


27 Push Press 95/65

24 Pullup

21 Push Press

18 Pullup

15 Push Press

12 Pullup

9 Push Press

6 Pullup

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