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Week of April 30, 2018

April 29, 2018

CrossFit Oakdale traveled to Reedley, CA to compete in the GnarDog Throwdown.  Amie and Jessica, Chalk Dirty to Me, competed in the scaled division and Bryce and Jack,  Don’t Blow Your WOD, competed in the RX division.  GnarDog has a great gym with a great community.  They have been wonderful supporters of our competitions in Oakdale, and they put on a first rate event.

Our folks competed in 3 brutal events: a TTB/DB Snatch lactic burner, a Clean/Overhead or HS Walk, into a mile run or a 2k, row, into a barbell complex.  Finally, they finished with Bike/Burpee Box Jump/Muscle Up or Pull-up sprint.

The workouts were well programmed and the day was well run.

Jack was very strong through some of the barbell work, moving the bar as well as some of the best athletes in a stacked field.  Bryce PR’ed his muscle up and gutted out a 7:00 2k row immediately after a nasty barbell couplet.

Amie and Jess took on their first competition outside of CFO in a “scaled” division.  I say “scaled” because the whole field was pretty darn capable.  Instead of being new to competition, most of the scaled athletes had a good deal of experience, they just had a hole here and there in their game.  Amie was a workhorse, moving the barbell well through 2 tough couplets and Jessica pushed through a brutal piece of Bike, Burpees and Pull-ups to finish the day.

They were a true and great representation of CrossFit Oakdale.

Workout of the Day

Back Squat

5×3 at 80%

Push Press

In 20 minutes build to a heavy lift. Same drill as last week – drop the weight to the ground, strip off some weight and perform 3 touch and go cleans. 

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