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Week of 11/14/2016 – Franniversary V Details Coming

November 13, 2016

Monday is a re-test of the WLC workout.  I’m calling it “Phone Booth” because you could almost do it in a phone booth.  You CAN do this workout practically anywhere – a hotel room, adiposity your office, a park, a beach, you name it.  Put this one in you back pocket it you need to breath heavy and have no space, time or equipment.

Tuesday will be an abbreviated Handstand work day, but the Tuesday workout will have a handstand component.  I just don’t want to blow you up completely before we get upside down during the workout.

Wednesday will be a running workout.  I promise I won’t skip it.  We’ll do the Pull/Push OTM first.

You may have noticed the new axel bars.  They weight about 30 pounds.  They are way thicker, have no gnurling and do not spin.  They are super fun to use.  We will work them into Thursday’s workout.

We will use the Axel bars every week because…they will be in the Franniversary.  Sign up homies!  Full event details will be announced this week.

Thanks to those who came and worked out with us Saturday morning!!

Thanks to those who came and worked out with us Saturday morning!!

Workout of the Day


Back Squat, Week 2 of 8

In 20 minutes, build to a heavy set of 3.  If possible, add 10# to last weeks lift.



“Phone Booth”

5 Burpees

15 Air Squats

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