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Week of 08/27/2018

August 26, 2018

Ok, we have a lot of things going on in the coming weeks.

The first one, and this is stupid, is we decided to do March Madness bracket for our sports movies.  We are going with a 64 movie bracket.  Each day or so, we will have a theme – one movie versus another, and they will battle it out for the next round. 

August 31 – Body Fat Testing Friday 3p-7p Click HERE to sign up

September 1 – Saved By The Barbell Workout

September 4 – the 21 Day Detox Challenge begins.

September 8, I am playing guitar at Ernie’s Tin Bar in Petaluma.

On September 9, we have CrossFit Day at the Oakland Coliseum.  Austin, Damon, Amie and Victoria will be throwing down on the field. 

September 15th – Hero WOD “Hughes” In honor of Captain Brian Hughes who died fighting the Ferguson Fire on July 29th, 2018. He leaves behind his pregnant fiancé. Gnardog CrossFit is having this fundraiser and we will be supporting. $10 donation for his family is requested. 

On September 21, we are holding a competition for the kids – the CFO Fall Fling.

Oh, and according to Coach Glassman, the CrossFit Games will be totally different and the Open might be in October.  

Workout of the Day


Front Squat, Week 5 of 6

5 sets of 3, 80%

OTM 15

3 Touch and Go Power Cleans into 1 Overhead Squat

This may be tough to do – you need to finish the Cleans, get the bar overhead, and do 1 OH Squat.  If you are flexible, you can Jerk and get that Squat in.  If you are not, you may need to bump the bar to your back, Jerk it overhead, and do the OHS.  If you really stink at OHS, I will allow a barbell to be on the rack.  We prefer you NOT do that, but if you have to… So you will need a bar to clean and a bar to squat.  If the class is full you may be need to come up with a plan with a coach. 

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