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We Love Local Food

March 06, 2012

There’s so much information out there on nutrition, there it can be confusing and overwhelming.  I have a simple reason to eat well: it tastes better.  On Friday night, cost Alison cooked a couple of t-bone steaks that had been raised locally, sale grass fed and organically.  Will’s kindergarten class had grown broccoli on a local farm and we had that as well.  It was amazing!  I eat organic beef regularly, but not as often as I like: I run out so fast because we eat it all up!


I knew what I was getting from the grass fed beef.  I’m not a great vegetable eater, but the broccoli blew me away.  I get my veggies at a grocery store, and I guess I’m used to mass produced veggies.  This broccoli was flavorful, crunchier, greener, just MORE.  It was like everything broccoli wants to to be!  On the flip side, I used to travel to Europe regularly.  I was blown away by how awful the the vegetables were there.  Veggies I ate there were mushy, wilted and had no flavor.


Do you shop for groceries at a grocery store?  At a roadside stand?  Do you have a garden?  Alison and I have talked about a raised bed garden for a few years, and now we’re getting serious.


If you want to geek out on nutrition, check out the Gary Taubes video from the CrossFit Journal, Questions from the Floor.


The prescribed weight on today’s metabolic conditioning (metcon) WOD is relatively heavy.  It is supposed yo be.  If you can’t do the weight a RX, that’s fine.  Just use the strength session to find a weight that will be challenging every time you pick it up.  For every lift, we want top see a good set up, a fast, hard pull to clean and an aggressive jerk.


Workout of the Day



Clean and Jerk

In 20 minutes, build to a heavy single.




2 Clean and Jerks 185/135

Run to fence and back

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