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Warming up for the Open

February 02, 2012

The Reebok CrossFit Games site is live! You can register your account as well as register for the Opens. It is $20 to participate.  I really want as many CFO athletes as possible to participate. I would ask that you review the WODs from last year. I believe the WODs were simple, hospital and the weights were reasonable. Remember, you just had to accomplish 1 rep to get your name on the leader board. So, a 165/110 squat clean (WOD 11.3) would have scored you points. Or in WOD 11.4, the ability to do Muscle ups separated, but did not disqualify, many athletes. We don’t know what the workouts will be, last year was such a resounding success, I expect a similar event.

One small change from last year: the WODs were announced Tuesday night. This year they will be announced on Wednesday night. To maximize work, I repeated all the WODs. I would give a full effort test on Wednesday morning, then recover for 2 whole days, and give a full, educated effort on Saturday morning. This really worked for me. This year, we are losing one whole day to either test the WOD or recover. In my opinion, to give your best effort, your need a good work/rest strategy. I would like to have our full effort event on Saturday’s, but I would like to hear YOUR opinions. Post em to Facebook.

The Russian Baby Maker. I call this warmup “Bootstrappers”, but I may change that now.

Our Warmup is Our Warmup  from Greg Everett. Greg’s warmup philosophy is very similar to my own. That warmup may get stale over time, but it works for me to get the body ready. What do you do to warm yourself up? What if you had to warm up the class? We have some new CrossFit coaches in the mix, and I’m excited to see them warming up the class, and how their ideas mesh with CrossFit.

I will add one idea to a warmup. I like to “spike” my heart rate before a full out effort. Sometimes this is not possible during an hour class, but during the Open Sectionals, if I have the time, this is what I prefer to do. I go through my rotations, prep the movements, then I go real fast for 1 to 2 minutes, feeling my lungs and getting my blood going. Then I rest for 10 minutes, drinking water and moving around.


Workout of the Day

Run 400m
21 Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1pd
12 Pullups

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