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Virginia (Beach) is for (CrossFit) Lovers

June 22, 2012

I’m staying at my brother’s house in Virginia Beach.  A couple of thoughts.

There are a TON of CrossFit gyms in Virginia Beach.  They are everywhere and they are legit!  I’ve been in two, dosage and have passed another.  Both gyms I visited had well thought out programming, information pills with specific emphasis on mobility.  Both CrossFit Virginia Beach and CrossFit Oceana had massage offices in the gym, and Oceana had an on-site chiro.  These guys are raising the game!

Thomi at CrossFit Virginia Beach is a super nice, and knowledgable guy.  Alison and I learned some great stuff there.  Thanks Sean Gage for the recommendation.  He has some sweet toys.  Maybe we’ll see some Jerk Boxes in our future…

Working out in humidity is worse than working out in plain old heat.

My brother has a copy of Rock Jocks, Wall Rats and Hang Dogs by John Long.  It’s about rock climbing, and a lot of it is centered in Yosemite.  Long’s introduction is as close to anything I’ve read that explains the culture of CrossFit.  It’s 10 pages of attitude, adventure, community and dreams.  It was like freaking poetry.  The book is less than 2 bucks on Amazon.  I may steal this copy.


Workout of the Day


Back Squat

3 sets of 10

After the 1RM, be smart and conservative on a 10 rep set.  Keep tempo smooth: 2 second descent, 1 second pause at the bottom, explode up, reset quickly.


10 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

Run to the end of parking lot


Run to the end of parking lot


Run to the end of parking lot

7 KBS…and the way down to 1 KBS.

Finish with a run

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