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Top Open Performers

April 19, 2017

I finally wanted to take the time to recognize some of the top performers and special moments from this years CrossFit Games Open.  I meant to do this much sooner, but I just haven’t had the time to really collect my thoughts.

The top female CrossFit athlete is coach Sarah L. What can be said about Sarah?  She’s a great coach and integral part of the CFO community.  She’s thoughtful, compassionate and fierce.  Sarah had some great workouts, like her smashing of 17.5.  Or her absolute battle of wills with 17.1.  Sarah took on this piece of extreme metabolic distress three times in the course of 96 hours.  While most of us were hobbled with sore backs, Sarah kept attacking for no other reason than she wanted to mentally battle during the last part.  That is the spirit of CrossFit.  Don’t just do it because it’s hard,

The top male CrossFit athlete is Jack O.  In his second Open, Jack really started to emerge as a fully formed athlete.  Jack came to us very strong, but very raw.  He smashed grunt work, but the more advanced skills challenged him.  Things like heavy snatching, muscle ups, and doubleunders tripped him up (some pun intended) enough to cost him the top of the leaderboard.  The only way to get better at CrossFit is to put in the work at the things you suck at.  Jack put in the work as displayed in 17.3, the Snatch-a-palooza.  The bigs lifts were beyond Jack’s reach last year, but he was able to dominate the 185 Snatch and make it into the 3rd round.  Let’s not talk about the nasty miss at 225, though!  You’ll make it next year!


Workout of the Day

8 Rounds for Time

10 Toes to Bar

10 DB Thrusters 50/35 (held in Front Rack)

10 DB Alternating Snatch 50/35

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