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Thoughts on 13.1

March 08, 2013

I wanted to share some thoughts on the Open, visit web mainly 13.1, seek after it’s been posted.

First, I feel a little vindicated seeing a big burpee/Snatch WOD.  I don’t feel like we, or I did as well as we could have on the burpee WOD last year.  We stuck to a plan over the last 6 months to get better and better at burpees, which isn’t sexy, but you gotta do it.  As far as Snatching goes, we practice this lift a minimum of 2 times a week, we actually had a period in November and December where we worked the lift, as a gym, 2-3 times a week.  We work it heavy (relative to your abilities), we work it in pieces, we even work it fatigued.

I said it Wednesday night, but when this posted, you should have punched your fist in the air, because if you are a CFO athlete YOU ARE READY!

Some thoughts and tips:

Be well hydrated.  This WOD is long.

I wouldn’t eat within 2-3 hours of performing 13.1.  This is extremely personally dependent, but I want my body firing fast, and not worrying about what’s floating around in my belly.

Go out easy on the burpees and light Snatches.  There is NO REASON to do 30 straight snatches.  Be efficient as possible at the burpees, the more core, hips and hammies you use to jump up, as opposed to pushing hard, may save your shoulders for the heavy snatches.

13.1 WILL TEST YOUR ABILITY, AT THE EDGE OF YOUR ABILITY, TO MOVE THE BARBELL.  This means if 135/75 is your fight, your goal is to get there, as rested as possible so you can make as many lifts as possible.  How do you do this?  Don’t rush.  Many of you will have 8-9 minutes on this relatively heavy lift.  Take your time coming out of the burpees, make sure your are ready to pull the bar strong and effectively.  You are not going to win any awards for fast burpees, this is a Snatch WOD.

Unless – you finish 135/75 with a minute left.  Then you do burpees like your life depended on it.

Don’t be afraid to squat snatch it.  I am guilty of this as well.  Our legs are strong – strong enough to handle this lift many times.  Your pulling power, and ability to SNAP the bar in a power snatch may be reduced by oh, I don’t know, 90 burpees.  So don’t be afraid to squat snatch it.  Michelle split snatched it.  That’s great, whatever works for you, but have a plan.

Jen experienced some groin soreness after the WOD.  Pay attention to mobility.

If you are hitting bigger weights, 165/100, know that you will be fatigued.  I experienced a lot of fatigue during the 135 Snatches.  I actually felt like I was recovering, and picking up steam on the 165.  I wish I would have given myself more time.  I would snatch fast, take the burpees slow and steady.

If you want to hit 210/120, you have to go for it out of the gate, but being really fast on 135/75-100 will help.  Sorry Nick.


Tony gets 135# easy during 13.1

Tony gets 135# easy during 13.1

Workout of the Day


3 Position Snatch

Hi, Low, Ground

Yes, more Snatching!  This is part of the CFO lifting template, and I would like to stick to it a closely as possible for the Open.  This is excellent practice for Sunday.




Run to fence

100m walking lunge

20 Pullups

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