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These shoes are made for lifting…

December 11, 2012

I’ve been asking people what they’re getting for Christmas, look and I’m always looking for the same answer: shoes!  If you are new to CrossFit, visit this site I recommend a shoe with a low profile, or a minimalist shoe: Inov-8, New Balance Minimus or the Reebok CrossFit Nano are excellent choices.  Rogue and Again Faster ship these shoes.  Melissa D. has a great eye for shoe sales on the internet.  On The Run in Modesto carries Inov-8s and New Balance along with a few others if you want to try them on.  On The Run also offers a discount to CrossFit Oakdale athletes, so if you buy there make sure you let them know you are a CrossFitter.


The main thing I look for in a training shoe is versatility.  Can I snatch, box jump and run in it?  Chuck Taylors are good starter shoes, but I don’t like to run or jump in them.


If you have been doing CrossFit for a bit, I would invest in weightlifting shoes.  A great pair of shoes can cost up to $200.  The best shoes on the market are the Nike Romaleos and Adidas AdiStar.  They are both available at Rogue.  You can find cheaper shoes if you search.  Ask around the gym, you will see different types of shoes.  Look in the cubby.  You will see Pendlay, Do-Win, Reebok CrossFit Oly, Adidas AdiPower.  Here’s a problem: the shoes are not sold in stores.  You may have to order, try on and send back.  I have a buddy that sent his Adidas back 3 times to Rogue because he couldn’t get the sizing right.  Paul just scored a pair of neon Yellow Nike Romaleo 2’s.  It looks like they fit on the first try.  They are freaking sweet!  They’re also kinda hard to miss.


Why shoes?  I’ve posted on this many times, but it all comes down to a stable platform to load your body.  You want to be rock solid on your heels when you squat, pull, press, etc.  A low profile shoe allows you to stay flatter, as you are not being canted forward on a chunky heel.  A weightlifting shoe allows you to really settle back hard on your heels to create an even more stable platform.


Do your own research.  Ask questions.  Find a shoe that works for you.  Then keep searching for something better 😉  I have no shoe loyalty.


Jen S. swinging away on Saturday.

Workout of the Day



Front Squat

Build to a Heavy Triple.

After the heavy 3 sets of 3 from last week, you should come in with a plan, and try to get to you heavy weight quickly.  Have a plan, even write down your lifts beforehand.




7 Front Squat 165/115

7 Toes to Bar


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