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The World According to Shankle

January 27, 2012

This is a little late, viagra dosage but here’s the 2011 Recap from Talk To Me Johnny. TTMJ is the CrossFit Football “thoughts” blog. Part of me thinks I’ve posted this before, viagra buy but even if I did, approved it’s worth a re-read. John is so no-nonsense in his approach!

Speaking of no-nonsense. I had some back stuff going on the other day, and was uncomfortable enough that I was up in the middle of the night. When you’re up in the middle of the night, what do you do? Watch Olympic weightlifting videos, of course!

I’ve been watching the video streams from¬† California Strength in San Ramon. It’s run by Glenn Pendlay (he makes the bumper plate we use), and they have some great athletes. I met a bunch of these guys at my USAW Cert. They are STRONG! As you watch the videos, you’ll be struck by a few things. First, these buys move a tone of weight. But more important, is how much fun they appear to be having. Attitude, trash talk, it’s just fun to watch.

Donny Shankle may be one of the more exciting lifters at California Strength, and I watched this video interview that he did. You should recognize some of the names he talks about on his journey. Watching CrossFit grow, the athletes are becoming more polished, like professional athletes. Mr. Shankle is no BS, real deal. I could listen to this guy read the phone book.

FYI: There is a line at the end that may be offensive to some people. Otherwise it is an insightful and fun interview.

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Workout of the Day

Spend 10 minutes building to a heavy Clean (Power or Squat, your choice)
Once you find a heavy weight, Clean that weight once a minute, at the top of the minute, for 5 minutes.

Men – 115, Women – 80

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