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The Rippin’ and the Tearin’

June 05, 2012

Once a again, viagra we should talk about hand care.

I will always recommend the PedEgg, order basically a cheese grater for your hands, viagra 40mg to keep your calluses under control.  I like the Revlon one that I have, because on top of the grater, it has a more fine pad to smooth things out.  I would recommend treating you hands every other week.  It’s good to toughen your hands, but uneven spots, and built up calluses may rip.

But still, rips may happen.  Then what?  I had a gnarly rip at Regionals, my first one in years.  Luckily, we had a great medical tent to take care of us.  Here’s what they did.  Immediately, they cleaned the cut with soap and water.  Then they cut away the ripped skin, exposing the sensitive next layer.  Then they applied neosporin and covered the wound.  I had also developed a large blister, which they popped, getting the fluid out, and slathered with neosporin and a bandage.

The next day I taped my hands up, actually using RockTape (a very sturdy brand of KT Tape) which worked great.  WE LOOOOOVE ROCKTAPEI

In the coming days my hands healed, but were very dry and cracked.  This was nearly as miserable as the rip, exposing more sensitive skin.  Alison suggested I put on Burt’s Bees hand cream which worked great.  I wish I was moisturizing earlier.  CrossFit Park City (Chris Spealler’s gym) recommends Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment.  Anyone use this to keep their hands from cracking or have something that works well?

Please post your handcare regimen on Facebook.  I know Melinda and Ruby have some great handcare tips.

At Regionals, start of Day 3.  If I could have fit some more RockTape on my body, I would have.  They literally made it into gloves.

Workout of the Day


50 Doubleunders

40 Situps

30 Med Ball Clean 20/14

20 Pullups

10 Handstand Pushups

DU sub is 1 for 1

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