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The Moral of the Story Is…

August 28, 2013

Denny shared a story with me a few weeks ago.  He was squatting with Nick Pappas, price and was getting ready for a PR lift.  Denny may have been strategizing, when Nick told him “burn the boats.”  Nick told Denny that when Alexander the Great landed his army on a foreign shore, and the army griped, Alexander order the his own boats burn, giving his own army only one option fight or die.  Returning home was out of the question.  So, Nick wanted Denny to squat with the attitude of no surrender, make the lift or die trying.

Now…Nick is Greek and he may have heard the story, but “burn the boats” has also been attributed to the Roman Julius Ceasar when he crossed the Rubicon and the Spanish Conquistador Herman Cortes when he landed in the New World such is history.

What does this have to do with CrossFit?  I’ve written a bunch of strategies lately.  Strategies are good, as they give you a plan.  But, if we always plan, always leave something in the tank, we won’t really learn when our threshold is.

You COULD go into Fran with a plan – you could plan to break up that first set of thrusters so you save something for the set of 15 or 9.

Or you can ” burn the boats” and go in with the attitude that you’re going to hang on for dear life,  let the chips fall where they may, and really learn something about your self.


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