Saturday's Hotshot 19 WOD


Saturday's Hotshot 19 WOD

The Hotshots 19 Hero WOD has been announced!  It’s a tough one, case with lots of running, buy squats, cheapest cleans and even strict pullups.  It’s a 6 round WOD, and I would estimate a decent round at 6 minutes, 5 if you are fast on the cleans and good at strict pullups.  That means it’s at least a 30 minute WOD, possibly as long as 45 minutes.  We’ll run a heat at 9am and a heat at 10am.  We are asking for a $10 cash or check donation which we will send to the CrossFit Kids Foundation that supports the Hotshots charity.
The timing of the WOD couldn’t be more appropriate.  As the Rim Fire burns, thousands of firefighters from around the west converge on an area so close to our homes.  Let’s “pass the boot” and support those that keep us safe!

In the Spirit of Throwback Thursday....anyone remember this gym?

In the Spirit of Throwback Thursday….anyone remember this gym?

Workout of the Day
“Death by Doubleunder”
In the first minute, do 5 doubleunders.  In the second minute, do 10 doubleunders.  In the third minute, do 15.  Go up by 5 each minute until you are not able to complete the required number of reps.  This piece is capped at 10 minutes (50 DU in the final minute).  For scoring purposes, your score will be your final complete set plus any extra reps, or a COMPLETE if you finished the WOD.  If you don’t have doubleunders, you have 10 minutes to practice!
Clean and Jerk
Take 10 minutes to warm up to 65% of your Clean and Jerk max.
On the minute for 5 minutes, perform 2 Clean and Jerks
For the final 2 minutes, perform as many Clean and Jerks as possible
Gymnastic cash-out
50 Toes to Bar
5 minute cap