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The Double Knee Bend

September 21, 2012

I’ve had the video attached below on the Double Knee Bend saved for what seems like a year. I haven’t posted it because I didn’t want to confuse people.  This hip action is a natural phenomenon once you start developing speed on the lifts.  Lifters will try to mimic this action, buy but even thinking about it can screw it up.  I am guilty of this, site especially when I started to really learn the Olympic lifts.  Just jump, get tall and pull back under.


The Double Knee Bend is also known as the Scoop or Transition.  I have seen the Snatch broken down into these portions: the First Pull (from the floor), the Double Knee Bend/Scoop, the Second Pull (Arm Pull past your hips), the Third Pull (Pulling your body under the Bar), and the Catch.


The Double Knee Bend from Greg Everett at Catalyst Athletics


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