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The Alternating Hang Split Clean – and Christian is doing the AF WOD at 10a-1130a

March 05, 2015

And now for something completely different…the Hang Split Clean.  Many of you may have split your legs as a normal reaction during the Clean.  Now we are going to require you to do so – and we are going to require your to alternate legs on each rep.  Rep 1 your left leg comes forward, view rep 2 your right leg comes forward, stuff etc.  You must return your legs underneath your body, just like a normal Clean, after each rep.  If you feel like a bit of a motor moron – that’s ok.  We tested this with the coaches a couple Saturdays ago – Chris and  Sarah looked awesome.  The rest of us looked like the rejects from the Rocketttes.

Basically, you are going to split your legs just like Jonathan does in the video (he’s a buddy of mine from up in Redding).  Only differences, you don’t have to lower past your knees – you can keep it above level 2.  And again, you must alternate your legs – lets develop that agility in both legs!!!

Christian is heading out to serve his country in the USAF next week.  He is going to test out his readiness by doing the Air Force WOD at 10 to 1130 or so – that’s Open gym.  Wanna know what the Air Force WOD is?  Google it – it’s terrible.

Workout of the Day


5 Strict Pullups OTM for 10



Parking Lot Run

20 Hang Split Cleans 95/65 (Alternating)

Parking Lot Run

12 Burpees to Plate

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