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Thanksgiving Week Schedule

November 22, 2013

CrossFit Oakdale will be closed on Thanksgiving Day (11/28) and the Saturday following Thanksgiving (11/30).  Normal hour Monday through Wednesday.

We WILL be open on the Friday after Thanksgiving for 1 workout at 9am.  This day is often referred to as “Black Friday” and people go shopping.  I want to do a Hero WOD instead.  I really wanted to do “Klepto” on Veteran’s Day, case but let’s give it a whirl on Black Friday.  It’s not crazy equipment intense, order but it will take up some space.  If needed, we may run a few heats to get through this war on your legs.  We’ll set up a Facebook page to sign up for a Black Friday Hero WOD.

Mush Thomas!

Mush Thomas!


Workout of the Day

Run TL Davis Loop twice

For the first lap, do 15 Burpees at 4 spots – the 400m point, 800m point, Warnerville Road Intersection, and Ackley Intersection.

Once this Burpee lap is complete, run the TL Davis Loop – no burpees the second time.

Following the run perform

Heavy Farmers Walks

This will be performed just like the sled pushes – partner/team style.

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