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April 08, 2014

Thursday at 6:30pm has been our most lightly attended class for the past few months.  Starting this week, buy more about we are going to make 6:30pm on Thursday OPEN GYM.

More on the Open this week…

Today’s WOD is a newly released Hero WOD dedicated to David Wayne Taylor, remedy 20, of Dixon, Kentucky.  David served in the 82nd Airborne, the Division I served in.

The WOD has Burpee Muscleups in it.  If you have Muscleups, this shouldn’t be a problem.  If you don’t, sub with 10 burpee pullups per round.  Watch the old school CrossFit video of Greg A doing 100 burpee pullups.  Notice how he jumps into each pull-up, almost making it a jumping pull-up.  Also notice his grip – he used a mixed grip and almost captures the bar in his hands.  If you do jumping pullups and you need to set up a podium, do the burpee in front of the podium, step up and then do your jumping pull-up.

Workout of the Day


Pullups, 6 OTM for 5 minutes

As always, use whatever pull works for you here.  CTB, deadhang, CTB Deadhang, L pullups, kipping, jumping, or body pulls.

If you want, try 2-3 muscle ups.




400m Run

5 Burpee Muscleups

If you don’t have Muscleups, do 10 Burpee Pull-ups

20 minute cap

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