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Tail Pipe

June 04, 2018

So, I don’t know anything about this person, except she seems pretty fit.  But this video illustrates exactly what I learned watching this workout over and over.

I missed the first week of Regionals on the internet, but I watched a ton of weeks 2 and 3.  I cannot contain my joy at how good regionals have become – from the level of production, the story the workouts tell, the coverage (especially in the Pacific) and they way the tests have evolved.

The workouts put on a show while showing strengths, exposing weaknesses and highlighting pacing strategies.

I watched every covered heat of Event 4, which is a lot of Snatch and Burpee.  Yes, I am a nerd.  I wanted to make a workout that worked for the gym, taught the lessons learned, while jacking intensity through the roof.

The beauty of this one is it starts heavy, and gets lighter, forcing tired athletes to move faster.  In heat after heat, I watched strong athletes touch and go heavy barbells, only to suffer greatly on the burpees and have to gut out the light work.  In the video above, Claire looks great on the very heavy snatch and pulls out to an early lead.  As the workout progresses, her burpees degraded, she took some no reps and became less efficient.

If Claire did quick singles could she have been more efficient and gone faster?  I’m not sure.  The weight and the work is going to assert itself, but I after watching dozens of athletes, I would tell my athletes to stay under control early and finish strong at the end.

I couldn’t track down an edited version, but Emily Bridgers/Cassidy Lance-McWhirter in the Atlantic regional shows how different strategies paid off.

You may be wondering why we aren’t doing the Regionals weight?  Well folks, it’s too heavy for most of us.  By all means, if you can handle 175/125 for 20 reps UNDER THE TIME CAP, do it.  Otherwise, cycle the weights I have recommended.

I would love to give you 2 bars and break up the workout with the floor breaks, but we don’t have a whole stadium.

For scaling, finds logical weights so you can make a drop.  The second barbell should be light and easy, except you will have been breathing through a tail pipe.

Workout of the Day

2 Rounds

10 Snatch 145/95

12 Bar Facing Burpees

Strip bar to 95/65

2 Rounds

10 Snatch 95/65

12 Bar Facing Burpees

12 minute cap

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