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Summer Slam Revisited

August 17, 2015

So, order we did the CrossFit Oakdale Summer Slam on Saturday.  To say that it ran as well as we hoped it would is both an understatement and a relief.  Bob, link Tricia, Adele (more on her), Chris, June, Hannah, Gloria, Christine, Thomas, Kate, Kelsey, Tyrell, Aaron, Sarah (more on her), Michelle B, Ashly came together and ran a first rate CrossFit competition. Was it a surprise that everyone looked so good in neon?

After being a part of many competitions, and life, you are continually reminded it’s not about the destination, but the journey.  Only a select few athletes get to make a podium, but anyone can be a part of moment that inspires others.  Living in the moment and being present with those moments of effort, determination, joy, frustration doubt, overcoming that doubt make CrossFit more than a training method or a sport, and more like a way of life.

What was your favorite moment?

Was it Micayla ripping off 2 chained Muscle Ups to the cheers of the crowd in the Finals, then collapsing in a heap and being surrounded by her friends?

Was it Jack going absolute HAM-sandwich on the final set of Thrusters to win the Finals, and jump from third place to first in the Scaled Division?

Was it John, knowing that he had never cleaned 245, starting down the barbell like gunslinger in the Old West, and after 2 WODs and Cleaning it twice with his wife looking on?

Was it Denny and Nicholas battling back and forth on the final, realizing at some point they were buddies 20 years ago at Chico, and getting re-united in a hot streamy gym?

Was it the Clean Ladder running like German Close Order Drill?  I got to admit, I was a little nervous about running 28 heats of anything, and the set up made me a little nervous.  But Adele must have been cracking skulls in the parking lot, because every time I looked up, I had 3 athletes on deck waiting for 3 minutes of pulling as soon as the other 3 had started.  I think our transition time was 30 seconds between heats.  That was incredible.  Just as incredible was Sarah setting up over a ton, literally, of barbells for the ladder with a toddler looking on.  Sarah had a system, throughout the day, and whenever we needed a bar, it was there.  She was like Hercules with an abacus.  Even if the bar weighed, like 3 times more than she did, she got it where it needed to be, when it needed to be there.

Was it CrossFit Quake athlete Jerome being cheered on by his wife and daughters as they kind of snuck on the floor?  I remember them doing the same thing at Franniversary – I love that stuff.

Was it friend of CFO Barbara Pappas, competing as a Master, and being slightly more seasoned than some of the other Master’s athletes, battling the Thruster on the finals to the cheers of her Sav-Up friends and family?

Was it the heat?

Has CrossFit Oakdale ever been that hot?

Was the the community of CrossFit Oakdale and the athletes from all over coming together, volunteering their time and considerable energy to put on a show that ran well from beginning to end?  

Was it was a timer error by the person typing this…but the judges reacted well and Jon Lowe stepped in to save the day with his camera and timer?  Whew!  Thank you Jon!

Was it that I would rather be in a hot, steamy gym, surrounded by people that want nothing more than to work hard and test them selves, with friends that have become more like family, than anywhere else in the world?

Or maybe it was the Beer Train after?

McKilla doing what she does on the rings.

McKilla doing what she does on the rings.

Workout of the Day


OTM for 10

4 Strict Pullups

3 Toes to Bar

2 Knees to Elbows

Do what you can here,  If you can’t strict, kip.  If you can’t do that, body pulls then knee ups.



Power Clean


Men – 95, Ladies – 65

12 minute cap

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